Border Entry ✅ - Restrictions ⚠️
  • Entry Requirements

    • 🏠 Quarantine - ✅ Yes, self-isolation for 14 days required for all countries.

    • 📋 Test - 🔅 Negative PCR test results is required for all countries.

    • 😷 Masks - 🔅 Masks are required in public spaces

  • Internal Restrictions

    • 🎊 Events - ⚠️ Public gatherings of more than 10 people are banned.

    • 🏔 Attractions - 🚫 Open

    • 🚎 Transportation - ✅ Operational

    • 🛒 Shopping - ✅ Open

    • 🍔 Restaurants - ⚠️ Open with restrictions

Internal Restrictions

On Thursday 26 August, Jersey will enter Stage 7 of the Reconnection Roadmap where the remaining Covid restrictions will be lifted. Stage 7 includes: • unlimited gatherings in homes and gardens • resumption of standing alcoholic drink service • reopening of nightclubs, including dancing • large indoor and outdoor events Businesses are expected to carry out a risk assessment of the workplace which should include the following: • ensure staff and customers do not attend if they are experiencing symptoms or receive a positive test result • put measures in place to protect staff and business continuity such as workforce screening, remote working, mask wearing and physical distancing where possible • prepare a detailed plan outlining how to manage a customer, staff member or other visitor who develops symptoms or receives a positive test result Islanders are recommended to: • maximise ventilation by keeping windows open • support cleanliness and personal hygiene measures • physically distance where possible • use face masks in crowded or indoor areas where possible (masks remain mandatory in public transport, taxis and ports)

Internal Restrictions: March 21, 2020 - PRESENT

Entry Requirements

​Isolation period changed from 14 to 10 days, so long as you're 48 hours symptom free. Testing requirement for Day 8 removed for people who are not vaccinated. From Tuesday 13 July 2021, the following changes to our travel policy will come into effect: -countries and regions will no longer be assessed based on a Green, Amber, Red classification -testing and isolation requirements will be based on vaccination status -if you're fully vaccinated you will need a test on arrival and don't need to isolate -if you're not fully vaccinated you will need a test on arrival and Day 8, and isolate until your first negative test result -if you've visited a country on England's International restricted list, you will need a test on arrival, Day 5 and Day 10, and isolate until Day 10 negative test result -if you arrive before Tuesday 13 July and are subject to travel isolation you may leave isolation on Tuesday 13 July if you have received a negative test result. You must also attend any planned Day 5, Day 8 or Day 10 tests. This does not apply if you have visited a country on England's restricted list. You will need to complete the full testing and isolation requirements. ​Testing requirement for Day 8 removed for people who are not vaccinated. ​Isolation period changed from 14 to 10 days, so long as you're 48 hours symptom free.

Border Restrictions: March 2, 2020 - PRESENT

Entry Regulations

Last Update: September 2, 2021

Latest Changes

August 20
  • ✅ Testing requirements for people arriving from Jersey are set to be lifted from Monday, the States of Guernsey has announced. BBCNews

July 23
  • ⚠️ The planned lifting of Covid restrictions in Jersey will not happen until September at the earliest, the government has announced. BBCNews

July 15
  • ✅ Jersey is relaxing isolation rules relating to those identified as Covid-19 direct contacts. BBCNews

July 13
  • ⚠️ The planned relaxation of Jersey's coronavirus restrictions has been postponed until at least August. BBCNews

July 01
  • ⚠️ The relaxation of Jersey's remaining coronavirus restrictions has been postponed until 15 July. BBCNews

June 18
  • ⚠️ England, currently green, will be rated red, which means a testing regime on arrival, from 29 June. BBCNews

June 09
  • ⚠️ Jersey has delayed lifting remaining coronavirus restrictions by at least a week. BBCNews

April 24
  • ✅ People from most parts of Wales will be able to visit Jersey without having to quarantine. BBCNews